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7 Best Free Domain Names Generators For Your Business?

If you want to create a new website, you need the best domain name. This blog will discuss the Best free domain names generators for your business and how to use them to ensure that you have an excellent reputation for branding.

Before You Start

Before we go into domain name generators, we’d like to discuss some domain name best methods and teach you how to get your first domain name for free!

Let’s start with the fundamentals.

A domain name is the internet address for your website. Visitors use this to find your website (such as google.com or wpcloudweb.com).

When selecting a domain name, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Try to get a.com (the most well-known) domain extension.
  • Make sure it’s simple to pronounce.
  • Make it as short as possible.
  • If possible, use a related keyword (this helps with SEO and higher search engine rankings)
  • Avoid using hyphens.
  • Do not infringe on the trademarks of others.

Now that you know what features a good domain name should have, you may be asking how much a domain name costs.

Domain names (.com) normally cost approximately $14 per year.

If you want other domain extensions, you’ll have to pay much more.

How to Get a Free Domain Name

If you’re looking for a domain name, you’re probably planning to create a blog or website, which means you’ll also need web hosting.

Hostinger is a service we recommend. They are one of the world’s leading hosting providers, and they are providing WPCloudweb users a free domain name as well as a 75% discount on web hosting. Effectively, you’ll be able to start for $2.99 a month.

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Hostinger is one of the world’s leading hosting providers. Please keep in mind that this unique discount offer is only valid when you click on the link from our website, so use the domain name generators below to pick a domain name that you like, and then return to our website to claim the deal.

Having said that, let’s look at the best free domain name generators for your business.

Best Free Domain Name Generators 

These domain name generators are based on artificial intelligence, they are not flawless.

They are, regardless, excellent enough to start your creative juices flowing so you can choose the perfect domain name for your business.

  1. Lean Domain Search

Begin with a single keyword and then use Lean Domain Search to explore your domain options. Your search will generate hundreds, if not thousands, of domain name suggestions. For.com domains, all results are accessible. You may also use this tool to:

  • Filter by alphabet, length, or popularity.
  • Keep track of your favorite domain names.
  • Keep track of your search history.
  • Share the results of your search.
  • Instantly check to discover whether your own ideas are available.

If you have a list of keywords in mind but need some fresh ideas for a whole domain, here is the tool for you. When we’re looking for domain name inspiration, Lean Domain Search is the first site to visit.

  1. Panabee

Panabee’s domain name search engine associates the letters/syllables of your keywords or adds letters to get recommendations. It also generates a distinct list of related keywords for each word you enter. You’ll be able to experiment with different combinations to create something unique. Panabee also features a large selection of country-specific domains and allows you to verify social media availability.

  1. Nameboy

Nameboy searches for available domain names based on the keywords you enter. Enter up to two keywords, and Nameboy will provide a list of possible domain names right away. Their infographics make it simple to see which extensions are already taken and which are still available. Even though yoursite.com is already taken, other customers can still acquire yoursite.net etc.

You may also examine which domain names are available for resale and enable hyphenated or rhyming terms. This tool is useful if you already know what keywords you want to use but want advice on alternative versions of those phrases.

  1. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is another massive domain registrar, with over 7 million domains registered. They feature the best free domain name generators tool that can assist you in finding a domain name for your business.

Simply type your keyword into the search box, and their system will discover matching website names that are available for registration. It will display.com domains and other extensions such as.net,.biz,.co.uk, and many others.

Their service also displays premium domain names for sale, which you can buy straight from their marketplace without completing a WHOIS search to discover the owner.

  1. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler is a straightforward application with a plethora of choices. Begin with the “simple” version, enter your desired keywords, select your domain extensions, and look for suggestions.

The exciting thing about this domain name generator is that you may enter many keywords rather than just one or two like the other tools on our list, and it will mix your keywords into various permutations. Add the results to your favorites list, or do a more in-depth search. The tool may also compare the page rank of different domain names.

  1. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is a helpful tool if you already have a domain name. Begin by entering in your concept, and this tool will inform you whether or not it has already been taken. If it is, they will recommend currently accessible alternatives.

They’ll also tell you which ones are up for bid. You can purchase using the site’s links, which will take you directly to GoDaddy to finish your transaction. If the domain is already taken, you may use the links to find out who owns the site or hire an agent to assist you in making a bid for it.

  1. NameMesh

NameMesh allows you to experiment with keywords by utilizing a thesaurus, antonyms, synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, or even overlapping words. You may also define which words must be included or enable the tool to recommend simply a letter or number. 

It can change your selected name by overlapping domain names with TLDs and recommends hyphenated versions of your keywords. It covers many TLDs, categorizes available names to help selection, considers SEO, and shows social media availability.

We hope this post has helped you find the Best Free Domain Names Generators For Your Business? Also, read – What Is a Domain Name?

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