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7 Best Web Hosting Providers in India 2022

Do you want to start your own online business? That’s fantastic! The first thing you’ll need is a website hosted by a reputable and reliable web hosting provider. 

In other words, starting an online company website entails more than simply creating a website and registering a domain name. You must also select a web server to make your website available to thousands of internet users.

Because of its importance, hundreds of web hosting providers in India can host your full website at different prices. On the other hand, choosing the Best Web Hosting Providers in India might be a daunting and challenging task. 

Based on our research and tests, we have compiled a list of 7 of the best web hosting services in India

List of The Best Web Hosting Providers in India

#1 – Hostinger 

Hostinger is currently our #1 recommendation for any small to medium-sized website. Their pricing is amazing, but the service quality is pleasantly surprising. Even for the most basic services, they provide excellent server performance, and their 99.99% uptime guarantee assures that you do not lose any important visits.

If you want to host one website and expect less than 100.000 monthly visits, their 4-year plan (INR 79/month) offers the lowest pricing. However, if you are unsure about such a lengthy duration, you may try them with a 1-year plan, which will still cost you just INR 99/month, which is still very low.

If you want to host numerous websites or your website grows quickly, you can upgrade at any moment to their most popular “Premium” package, which starts at INR 119/month for a 4-year plan and INR 229/month for a 1-year plan.

With these plans, you receive everything unlimited, so it’s well worth the money! Also, read our full hostinger review.

Also, good news for Indian users: they have a native Indian website with outstanding customer care and payment choices that are unique in the hosting market, such as UPI, Debit Card, Netbank, Credit card and Paytm.

You may also try out their services risk-free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit - Hostinger Website

#2 – BlueHost

With over 2 million websites maintained, this web hosting service company owned by ‘Endurance International Group’ has gone a long way since its start in 2003. In fact, by 2005, it was one of WordPress’s top-recommended hosting companies, and it has stayed such ever since.

Bluehost now provides several web hosting services, including shared hosting, managed WordPress, dedicated servers, eCommerce hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and reseller hosting.

Given the ‘Optimized for WordPress appeal and the demands of most individuals/businesses, Shared hosting and Managed WordPress hosting are the most popular.

Another reason for its popularity is that both web hosting plans begin at just $2.95 a month.

You can host a primary domain with up to 25 subdomains for this pricing. You also get a free SSL certificate, a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

Furthermore, the 50 GB SSD drive capacity is more than enough for most users. Furthermore, you may utilize their integrated, user-friendly website builder, Weebly, to create your website.

However, despite having a Data Center in Mumbai, India, Bluehost’s server response speed is not unusually fast. Our testing found 210ms when the site was reached from Bangalore, which is around the same as Google’s suggested 200ms. This isn’t a deal-breaker in any way. However, the worldwide average reaction time was fantastic at 150ms (approx. 50ms in the US).

Overall, if your website is planned for a worldwide audience, Bluehost is one of The Best Web Hosting Providers in India quick; it’s safe and reliable.

It’s only a couple milliseconds slower for Indian people, which can be overlooked with the high-speed SSDs and free CDN that come with every web hosting package you pick.

Visit - BlueHost Website

#3 – A2 Hosting

If you want a low-cost web hosting service but need more disk space than the other hosts on this list, A2hosting is the Best Web Hosting Providers in India.

You may host your website and store as much data on their SSD servers for as little as $3.92 per month. If you want to store a large quantity of visual information on your website, A2hosting will be excellent.

There are other more benefits as well:

  • You are allowed a money-back guarantee at any time.
  • They provide free website migrations.
  • Their customer service is friendly.
  • In India, their server response time is 205ms, which is nearly as quick as recommended.
  • They provide free CDN.

Where they fall short is in terms of performance. If you expect a big volume of visitors on your video content site, a2 hosting or their standard plan may not be for you.

The standard plan has just 5 databases, 500 MB of RAM, and a single 2.1 GHz core CPU. This is a good hardware allocation for a text-based website, but loading movies into RAM and displaying them on the user’s PC requires more. They also provide Swift and Turbo hosting services for more reliable performance.

Visit - A2Hosting Website

#4 – Hostgator

Hostgator is a subsidiary of the Endurance International company. However, despite its low cost, it is better than Bluehost in some cases, particularly if you target the Indian market.

If you are ready to commit to a 3-year contract, Hostgator’s beginning pricing is $2.75/month. You’ll notice that it’s reasonably priced.

With HostGator, you get limitless HDD storage space (which is technically slower than SSD but will suffice for most owners’ requirements Furthermore, HDD storage benefits), unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free domain name, Hostgator website builder, and unlimited email addresses. 

Its customer service is also decent, comparable to Bluehost’s. Another thing it has in common with Bluehost is uptime – it likewise claims 99.9 per cent uptime.

Targeting the Indian population puts big brother and all other hosting service providers on the list to shame. What’s the reason? Their data centres in Mumbai provide an exceptional response time.

In our tests from Bangalore, the server response time of the Hostgator India hosted site was 3 ms, which is as excellent as it gets. Nonetheless, the global average response time was approximately 210 milliseconds.

Not Recommended Better Option is - Hostinger

#5 – iPage

iPage is another of the biggest web providers under the EIG umbrella, hosting over a million websites. And it provides a value proposition that cannot be overlooked – especially if you are starting online, have a limited budget, and plan to create several sites.

For $1.99 per month, you may host as many sites as you like and use limitless storage and bandwidth as long as it doesn’t interfere with the performance of other websites.

One of the main reasons we consider it beginner-friendly is the number of essential-but-expensive features it includes for free. You get free domain registration, a free SSL certificate, free professional emails, and a drag-and-drop website builder for the first year. Furthermore, their 24/7 chat, 99.9% uptime promise, and 30-day money-back guarantee bleed reliability.

The biggest disadvantage of iPage, for lack of a better phrase, is that they have two data centres, both of which are located in the United States. It has a little impact on site speed when accessed from India. However, nothing was disastrous in our test; the server response time from India was 230 ms, which is rather standard and may be improved with a CDN.

Not Recommended Better Option is - Hostinger

#6 – Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja is not the web hosting industry’s Raja (or king), and it’s your “yet another hosting company using with Indian servers.”

Although their server response time in India is outstanding, the worldwide average is below average. Similarly, given our test site’s slow loading speed, its servers seemed overcrowded. 

Another reason we believe the servers are overcrowded is the uptime, which was less than the advertised 99.9 per cent.

Hosting Raja, on the other hand, has several nice features. You receive a lot of storage space, free emails, free website transfer, and a free SSL certificate.

But features aren’t everything. Other critical factors, such as customer support, were mediocre, too, similar to speed and uptime. Furthermore, you must pre-pay for a three-year plan to register with them! And guess what happens if you buy and don’t like the services? Nothing!

Hosting raja web hosting plans, no money-back guarantee!

Not Recommended Better Option is - Hostinger

#7 – Kinsta

Kinsta powers its consumers’ websites using cutting-edge hardware and software from the Google Cloud Platform. This means you’re getting what Google uses for its services, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google search.

Furthermore, as you may be aware, GCP servers are located worldwide. So, if your core audience is in India, you may utilize the Mumbai server location for the greatest SRT – we discovered that Kinsta has the lowest latency of all of the names on our list. Furthermore, because it is cloud hosting and the technology used is cutting-edge, both loading speed and uptime are amazing.

Apart from performance, you also receive goodies such as an SSL certificate, CDN, daily backups, website migration, and more, making Kinsta’s total package amazing.

The cost is the most apparent reason you wouldn’t or couldn’t buy a Kinsta plan. The most affordable Kinsta plan is $30 per month, and it is not costly; rather, it is a premium alternative for those who value performance above everything else.

Not Recommended Better Option is - Hostinger

We hope this post has helped you find the Best Web Hosting Providers in India for your website.

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