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How To Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway In WordPress

In this article, we will learn how to integrate Razorpay payment gateway in WordPress website. What should you do if you want to sell any products or services online?

Creating an app or website may be a costly and challenging task. Many online forums can help you create a free website.

WordPress is one of them. WordPress allows you to create a website for free. If you want a custom domain, you can get one with WordPress. Once your WordPress website is up and running, all you have to do is link it to a payment gateway and start selling your products or services.

You can go live quickly with Razorpay’s Payment Gateway and enjoy the future of payments with the most straightforward integration, totally online ride, full-feature goods, and outstanding classroom performance.

The following things are required for payment integration with the website.

  • WordPress website powered by the WooCommerce plugin.
  • A Razorpay payment gateway account is required to collect payments.

How To Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway In WordPress

Razorpay is well-liked by people worldwide, and for a good reason. And connecting it is a piece of cake. We’ll use one of our websites to show how simple it is. Follow the three easy steps shown below to integrate Razorpay into WordPress easily.

Step 1:

To start, an API key is required for the integration to function. And if you don’t have a RazorPay account, you should get one right away. To integrate RazorPay with your website, navigate to the Global Settings section of your dashboard and pick Payment Settings from the sidebar. Then, navigate to RazorPay Settings. To enable the RazorPay payment method, you must first check the Status.

Some choices will appear after enabling the RazorPay Payment Method. You must select a Payment Mode here. There are two modes: test and live, and let’s get Razorpay’s Test Mode up and running.

Keep in mind that the Live Mode can be activated the same way as the Test Mode was. You may now select the Checkout Style Type based on your preferences.
When you select the Modal Checkout Style, the checkout page will appear in a pop-up manner. When you choose Hosted to razorpay.com, the checkout page will be shown in the Razorpay style.

You will next need to give some test API Keys. To receive these keys, sign in to your RazorPay account. Select Generate Test Keys.

Step 2:

When you press the button, a set of keys will display, and a Key Id and a Key Secret will be provided. To copy, click. Return to the WP Razorpay dashboard and paste the keys into the relevant fields. And then press the Save Settings button.

Step 3:

You must now complete a form and add it with the relevant information. Include a Payment Item and a Payment Method field and the labels you want for each. Check the RazorPay option in the Payment Method section to allow your users to pay using this method.

Your WordPress site is integrated with the Razorpay payment gateway. Now your site is ready to accept payment from your WordPress website.

I hope you found this article helpful To Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway In WordPress. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment below.

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