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Search Google or Type a URL Which One is Best? 2022

When you open a new tab in the Chrome browser, the default words displayed inside the address bar or search box are “Search Google or type a URL” (Omnibox).

As the name suggests, you have 2 alternatives for continuing to use Google Chrome. For example, you may either write a keyword of what you want to search for into the Omnibox and press enter to get the search results, or enter the URL of a specific website into the Omnibox and press enter to go to that website’s page.

Search Google or Type a URL
Search Google or Type a URL

Consider this example to have a better understanding. There are several ways to access websites. These come with social media, other websites, simply putting the URL into your browser’s address bar, and search engines like Google, Yahoo., Bing, and DuckDuckGo. However, the 2 most common ways to load a website from a browser are through a search engine or manually typing the URL in the address bar.

Search Google or Type a URL Which One is Best?

Enter a web address, or search on Google. It depends. If you know the exact URL of the target website, such as (WPCloudweb.com), put it directly into the Omnibox or the address bar at the top and press Enter on the keyboard to go to the destination page.

However, if you don’t know the complete URL of the page or want to look for anything online, you should use the browser’s search feature by entering the target keywords (e.g., WPCloudweb) into the search box and pressing Enter key on your keyboard to let Google search its library and show all the related websites. Then you may explore the sites and select which ones to open.

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What exactly is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search allows you to add a custom search box to your website so that visitors can find the needed product by searching the relevant words. You may easily create your own custom search engine to search any site.

 Consequently, individuals who use your website’s search box will only get filtered results from the websites you wish to display them. Or, to put it another way, it’s a fantastic approach to limiting search results to domain-specific results.

Conclusion For – Search Google or Type a URL

With so many pages, websites, and resources, the internet is a world unto itself. Web browsers are a great portal to the internet’s digital world. Web browsers allow you to access websites and millions of resources and information.

The most common method of accessing a website or information on the internet is to use the “Search Google or type a URL” option of Google Chrome’s Omnibox. 

The bulk of internet users uses it to conveniently surf the internet by just typing words into the Omnibox and pressing the enter key on the keyboard, after which the computer will provide them with a variety of search results based on the keyword. Next, they would select the one that best suits what they are searching for from the results.

The second and simpler option is for them to type in the URL of the website containing the required resource or information and hit enter, and they are directly sent to the website.

Looking at the benefits of the type-in URL option, it is useful to say that it is a better choice than the Google search option due to its ease of use and saving time, energy, and data.

We hope this article helped you to understand “Search Google or Type a URL”.

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